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Artist: Vanessa Giroto Muniz
Year: 2009
Country: Brazil
Artist: Landon Parish and Joy Jackson
Year: 2009
Country: United States
Artist: Papp Adrienn
Year: 2009
Country: Hungary
Artist: Beatriz Borroso Gstrein
Year: 2009
Country: Spain
Title: Entire System
Artist: Benas Turskis
Year: 2009
Country: Lithuania
Artist: Constanza Jaqueline Soto Lopez
Year: 2009
Country: Chile
Title: Merry Dancing
Artist: Svitlana Moskalenko
Year: 2007
Country: Ukraine
Artist: Marta Londzin
Year: 2007
Country: Poland
Artist: Joanna Ivanova Ivanova
Year: 2007
Country: Bulgaria
Artist: Alexandra Gavin
Year: 2007
Country: United Kingdom