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Artist: Siri Danielsen
Year: 2003
Theme: Environment
Country: Norway
Artist: Leone Meireles Cardoso
Year: 2003
Theme: Culture
Country: Brazil
Title: L'asie
Artist: Melanie Leung
Year: 2003
Theme: Political, Peace and Conflict
Country: Canada
Title: La terre
Artist: Jamie Arseneau, Trevor Ouellette
Year: 2003
Theme: Peace and Conflict, Environment
Country: Canada
Artist: Fernanda Beatriz Moreno Aguilera
Year: 2003
Theme: Other
Country: Chile
Artist: Izabo Deschênes, France Carrière
Year: 2003
Theme: Peace and Conflict, Environment, Political
Country: Canada
Title: Bright star
Artist: Jessica Defoe
Year: 2003
Theme: Peace and Conflict
Country: United Kingdom
Artist: Theodora Marta-Vrohidou
Year: 2003
Theme: Political, Culture
Country: Greece
Artist: Maryn Kanara
Year: 2003
Theme: Environment, Peace and Conflict
Country: Australia
Title: Untitled
Artist: Samir Iillali, Hosea Smith
Year: 2003
Theme: Peace and Conflict, Political
Country: Canada