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A young person getting ready to travel the globe
Artist: Victoria Govedarova
Year: 2021
Country: Bulgaria
Shows the continents with hands of different colours embrace it
Artist: Claire Wangechi
Year: 2021
Country: Kenya
Shows the world as a puzzle, puzzle pieces and doctors wearing masks
Artist: Natalia Lang
Year: 2021
Country: Romania
Shows the world as a crystal ball, flowers, rocket ship and a girl
Title: Globe Crystal
Artist: Mariam Al Naimi
Year: 2021
Country: United Arab Emirates
Shows the world in lego pieces
Artist: Timotej Matejko
Year: 2021
Country: Slovakia
Map of continents and water
Artist: Pina Berka
Year: 2021
Country: Croatia
Show the planet within a hand, figures are rainbowed colours
Artist: Milana Brackett
Year: 2021
Country: United States
Children's map of the world
Artist: Chen Nan
Year: 2019
Country: China
Children's map of the world
Title: Untitled
Artist: Hailey Harrison
Year: 2019
Country: Canada
Children's map of the world
Artist: Gabrielle Van Lierde and Georgia Corneal
Year: 2019
Country: New Zealand