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Title: Be careful…
Artist: Alla Sukhanova
Year: 2013
Country: Russian Federation
Artist: Hayden Livingstone
Year: 2011
Country: New Zealand
Title: Entire System
Artist: Benas Turskis
Year: 2009
Country: Lithuania
Artist: Daniela Borislavova Karaivanova
Year: 2009
Country: Bulgaria
Artist: Rita Galkina
Year: 2007
Country: Russian Federation
Artist: Nicholas William
Year: 2005
Country: Indonesia
Artist: Ilse Wiehahn
Year: 2003
Theme: Culture
Country: South Africa
Title: Untitled
Artist: Stelios Petrakis
Year: 2001
Theme: Environment
Country: Greece
Artist: Elizabeth Böhmer
Year: 1999
Theme: Culture
Country: Sweden