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Shows a person hugging the world: drought, illness, racism, pollution and more
Artist: Marghertia Fanzin
Year: 2021
Country: Italy
Shows the world with a rainbow and train
Artist: Yoshimuta Minoru
Year: 2021
Country: Japan
Shows a rocket ship moving between Mars and Earth
Artist: Sanna Gladhus Manger
Year: 2021
Country: Norway
Shows a man putting the planet in a paper shredder for money
Artist: Paulina Buinauskaite
Year: 2021
Country: Lithuania
Shows all of the continents, coloured pencils outlining the borders
Artist: Samuel Cantisani Shumiski
Year: 2021
Country: Brazil
Shows a child using a drone to explore their world
Artist: Mirko Peresztegi
Year: 2021
Country: Hungary
Children's map of the world
Artist: Kim MinChan
Year: 2019
Country: Korea
Children's map of the world
Artist: Paula Pena
Year: 2019
Country: Spain
Title: Map Cards
Artist: Timotej Matejko
Year: 2019
Country: Slovakia
Children's map of the world
Title: Old Maps
Artist: Angel Gregorio Garcia
Year: 2019
Country: Argentina