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Artist: Holly Harrison
Year: 2005
Country: United Kingdom
Artist: Shashini Umasha Jayawardena
Year: 2005
Country: Sri Lanka
Artist: Gintarė Kvietkutė
Year: 2005
Country: Lithuania
Artist: Evelin Demeter
Year: 2005
Country: Romania
Artist: Daiana Emilova Hadjiiska
Year: 2005
Country: Bulgaria
Artist: Bar Omer and Liora Haimov
Year: 2005
Country: Israel
Artist: Atayan Samvel
Year: 2003
Theme: Environment, Culture
Country: Belarus
Artist: Jhonatan Costa Batista, Age 4
Year: 2003
Theme: Culture, Peace and Conflict
Country: Brazil
Title: United pieces
Artist: Rachelle Domingo, Michael Estalilla, Argielica Jumarang, Catherine Ambicki
Year: 2003
Theme: Environment, Peace and Conflict, Culture
Country: Canada
Artist: Alessia Del Lungo
Year: 2003
Theme: Culture
Country: Italy