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Artist: Jef Roels
Year: 2013
Country: Belgium
Title: Untitled
Artist: Hana Klincov
Year: 2013
Country: Slovenia
Artist: Natalia Kazieva
Year: 2013
Country: Bulgaria
Title: Family Tree
Artist: Mikayla Russell
Year: 2013
Country: New Zealand
Artist: Fatma Gül Aydinoğlu
Year: 2013
Country: Turkey
Artist: Thaís Martins Raposeiro
Year: 2013
Country: Brazil
Artist: Jack Demarest
Year: 2011
Country: Canada
Artist: Nicolás Eduardo Schreiner
Year: 2011
Country: Argentina
Title: Music World
Artist: Esmée Hubert
Year: 2011
Country: The Netherlands
Artist: Stefanie North
Year: 2011
Country: Austria