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Artist: Fernanda Cerda Aravena
Year: 2011
Country: Chile
Artist: Stjepan Pranjković
Year: 2011
Country: Croatia
Artist: Anna Babadzhanova
Year: 2011
Country: Russian Federation
Artist: Lucie Nováková
Year: 2011
Country: Czech Republic
Artist: Canny Tamberg
Year: 2011
Country: Estonia
Title: World Tree
Artist: Alíz Boros
Year: 2011
Country: Hungary
Title: Entire System
Artist: Benas Turskis
Year: 2009
Country: Lithuania
Artist: Daniela Borislavova Karaivanova
Year: 2009
Country: Bulgaria
Title: Tug Of War
Artist: Anna Bernhardt, Pia Grochar, Christina Praxl and Beatrice Stöber
Year: 2009
Country: Austria
Artist: Anita de Jager
Year: 2009
Country: South Africa