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Title: We Love Maps
Artist: Agata Filipiak
Year: 2019
Country: Poland
Artist: Noemi Sanchez
Year: 2019
Country: Spain
Children's map of the world
Artist: Valentina Sturcz
Year: 2015
Country: Hungary
Title: Merry Dancing
Artist: Svitlana Moskalenko
Year: 2007
Country: Ukraine
Title: Untitled
Artist: Yasmin Ahmed Ali
Year: 2007
Country: Qatar
Artist: Bar Omer and Liora Haimov
Year: 2005
Country: Israel
Artist: Ben Hankins
Year: 2003
Theme: Peace and Conflict
Country: United Kingdom
Artist: Tércio Silote
Year: 2003
Theme: Peace and Conflict, Environment
Country: Brazil
Artist: Atayan Samvel
Year: 2003
Theme: Environment, Culture
Country: Belarus
Artist: Bonnie Ras
Year: 2001
Theme: Environment
Country: South Africa